Shave to Save is a CAM-X member-sponsored charity that is dedicated to the memory of lives lost to breast cancer.

Since it began in 2003, Shave to Save has held a silent auction and/or the sponsored public head-shaving of a prominent industry member.

Shave to Save is raising tens of thousands of dollars to contribute to the fight. As long as the members of CAM-X remain dedicated to this cause, Shave to Save will be here, too.

Every year, more than 230,000 women, and 2,200 men receive the devastating news that they have breast cancer. Of these people 40,000 will lose the battle. That is too many.

But, every year, the number of lives lost to breast cancer is being reduced – why?

Because of the generosity and dedication of the people who give their time, their commitment, and their financial support to the eradication of breast cancer.



CAM-X is telephone answering service and call centre industry trade association.

Members from across North America have been assembling every year to share best practices, develop new technologies and network with peers. CAM-X was founded in 1964, and many members have been with the organization since the very first meeting.

Today, as always, CAM-X members are recognized leaders in call centre and answering service technology and business services, dedicated to offering the most progressive solutions to both business and consumer customers.




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